Our user interface allows you to browse our directory in several ways. All of the controls described here are located in the bar just above the page image.

Using the zoom feature

You can increase the size of the text by using the zoom controls. In order to zoom in, simply click on the '+' magnifying glass icon until the text has the desired size. When you zoom in on a page, you can click and drag with the mouse in order to view more of the page. To zoom out, click on the '-' magnifying glass. (Please note that there's a limit to how far you can zoom in on a page.)

Page view options

You can move from page to page using the arrows, scrollbar, or keyboard — try the space bar, Page Up, Page Down, and the arrow keys. You can also expand the viewing area to take up the entire window of your browser by clicking the Full screen link on the far right side of the bar.

Printing, saving, and searching

You may print, save, or search the directory by clicking the Full screen link on the far right side of the bar and selecting the appropriate option.

While we have attempted to provide accurate information, we recommend that you call a facility to verify their address and operational status before transporting your pet.



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