To travel with your pet (dog or cat) to Mexico you need to present a Health Certificate (original and a copy) issued by an approved official veterinarian or by a private veterinarian from the country of origin. The certificate must come in letterhead with the veterinarian license number printed on it. You will need to present this certificate at the Office of Animal and Plant Health Inspection (OISA) located at the port of entry. The certificate must state:

  • The importer / exporter name and address.
  • That animals have been immunized for rabies (date and expiration of vaccination). Animals under three months are exempt of this requirement.
  • That a previous check up showed no signs of disease.

Note: If you choose to use the USDA Health Certificate official format, make sure it is signed and sealed by official USDA personnel to make it valid.

Your pet will undergo a physical examination. Mucus (oral, nasal and conjunctival), ears, body temperature, skin and hair will be checked to rule out the presence of parasites, infections, tumors or skin cuts. If parasites are found, it is required that a veterinarian of your choice gives your pet the appropriate treatment; once the treatment has been given, your pet will be allowed to enter the country. You must cover all generated expenses. Your pet will be rejected if it has any form of skin infection such as scabies, fungus and alopecia. All kennels must come clean and will be disinfected at arrival.

Pets must enter the country in a clean cage or kennel, with no bed or accessories. Pet beds, food, treats or meat are not allowed. Only one balanced food portion for the day of arrival to Mexico is permitted.

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