Boating with Pets

Boating with Pets

Every year, many people go boating with their pet. Here's how to make your boating experience with pets easier and safer.

Before you go

Call first to make sure that any marinas or parks will allow your pet.
Bring clean water and extra food and water in case of delays.
Discuss motion sickness with your vet.
Make certain your pet is comfortable on boats and in water.
Purchase a life vest for your pet and acclimate them to it.

On the boat

Never tie your pet to the boat. If the boat capsizes, your pet can drown.
Pets should wear life vests at all times. Remember, though, that a life vest is not a substitute for vigilance.
Stop and exercise your pet at least twice a day.
If you will be going for more than 3-4 hours without stopping on land, train your pet to eliminate onboard (AstroTurf or portable dog potties for dogs - litter boxes for cats).
Always continue to offer clean water during trip.
Make sure shade is always available to the pet.
Have a safe area for the pet where there are no falling objects that pose a threat. The area should have a surface for stable footing (a rubber-backed rug will be sufficient).
Create a soft nest for your pet with cushions and towels.
Store fuel and chemicals away from where your pet has access.
Cool your pet off with a swim if they can.

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