Camping with Pets

Camping with Pets

Every year, 30 million people go camping with their pet. Here's how to make your camping experience with pets easier and safer.

  • Before you leave
  • While camping

Before you leave

Call the campground first to make certain pets are allowed. Ask about any necessary permits, vaccinations, health records, and fees. Inquire also to see what wildlife is in the area and to learn of the weather conditions and forecast.
Locate and make note of the nearest animal emergency hospital.
Reserve an isolated site if you have a pet likely to make noise if around others.
Try a short trip before a longer one. A couple of nights in the yard is a great practice run.
Pack extra towels to keep the tent or vehicle clean.
Bring a sleeping pad for your pet.

While camping

Learn the campground regulations and adhere to them.
Upon arrival and before setting up camp, take the pet for a walk so they can see their surroundings and know how to return to the campground if they inadvertently escape.
Set up a fresh water location for the pet. Make certain your pet has access to shade and the water at all times.
Keep an eye on the location of your pet's food so as not to attract bears and pets.
Keep your pet leashed at all times. Letting your pet wander into other campsites can cause him to get lost or become the subject of complaints.
Look for things like walking trails and planned activities that your pet may find enjoyable.
Don't let your pet get too close to a hot fire or utensils.
Never leave your pet tethered outside the tent. It can escape, be prey or stolen, or end up strangled.
If you leave your pet inside your RV, make sure the air conditioning is working and has plenty of fuel. Park in a shady spot and leave a few windows partially open in an escape-proof way. If possible leave a key with a campsite neighbor along with your cell phone number. Leave a radio or TV on to deal with anxiety. Make certain that door and window locks are properly functioning.
Do not let your pet dig at or around the campsite.
Clean up after your pet before leaving.


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