Taking Your Pet to a Dog Park

Taking Your Pet to a Dog Park

Every week, new dog parks open around the U.S. Your first visit will be much easier if you know what to bring and what to do. Read on...

Before you go
At the park

Before you go

Contact the park before going to make certain pets are still allowed.
Bring water if there will be none available at the park.
Make sure your dog's vaccinations are current.
If your dog is in heat, wait until a later time to visit the park.
Do not bring your dog's toys as these can cause possessiveness problems.
Before you bring children, visit the park to observe and make sure children would be safe in the setting.
Do not take more dogs than you can control.

At the park

Remove choke collars. They can be hazardous to the dog wearing and other dogs can chip their teeth.
Learn and follow the rules of the park.
Unleash your dog so it does not feel threatened by other unleashed dogs.
Be aware of your dog at all times. Even though it is a neutral environment scuffles can arise.
Never leave your dog unattended. This is not doggie day-care.
Bring clean up bags and clean up after your dog.
Don't let your dog dig holes. The holes can be hazardous to other dogs.


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