Taking Your Pet to Work

Taking Your Pet to Work

A growing number of employers permit employees to bring pets to work. If you are planning on bringing your pet to work, remember:

Be sure to consult with your employer before bringing your pet to work.
Follow any rules your employer has set.
Your pet should not limit, restrict, or disrupt (e.g., making noise or running in the halls) their human coworkers' abilities to perform their jobs responsibly.
Pets must be housebroken, healthy, and well-socialized prior to coming to work.
You should be responsible for all pet cleanup duties, both indoors and outside the building.
Pets must be accompanied by a human at all times and should be kept with you or confined within the individual work area. Closed office doors are not always an acceptable means of confinement, so do not forget to bring a child gate with you.
Pets must be on a leash or in a carrier in all common areas.
You are responsible for working a normal workday even when your pet accompanies you to work.


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