Lodging Etiquette for Pets

Lodging Etiquette for Pets

Here's everything we think you'll need to know about staying at pet friendly lodging with your pet...

Every year, more properties around the U.S. become pet friendly and begin to allow pets. We need to make sure our pets are well behaved and continue to be welcome at these properties.

Before your trip

Consider reserving a ground floor room to make bathroom runs easier.
At the time of reservation:

  • Confirm with the property that pets are allowed.
  • Inquire on restrictions on the number, type, and size of pets allowed.
  • Discuss any non-refundable fees or refundable deposits required.
  • Find out which rooms allow pets and learn about any length of stay or seasonal restrictions.
  • Ask if your pet may be left unattended and, if so, if it is required to be crated. Regardless, we strongly urge you to bring a crate for reasons below.

At check-in

Announce your pet.
Ask about areas where your pet can be walked to go the bathroom and exercised.
Inquire about areas where your pet is not permitted.
Ask about any insect or rodent poisons in use in public areas or rooms; many of these are toxic to pets.

During your stay

When entering the room, look for mints on pillow or hazardous flowers in room.
Find the nearest emergency animal hospital.
Cover any furniture and beds your pet will be allowed on. Never allow your pet to sleep on uncovered furniture or beds.
Wipe off muddy or dirty paws before entering the room. Also, make sure all sand is off.
Set up a special place for your bed and put the pet's bedding there.
Place your pet's food and water bowls on a mat or feed them outside. Do not use the room ice bucket for a pet bowl. Rinse food cans before placing them in the trash.
Do not let your pet drink out of the toilet. There may be a chemical presence.
Litter boxes should go in the bathroom and newspaper placed underneath. Used litter should be placed in a used baggie to avoid odors in the trash.
Never use hotel towels to clean your pet. Use the towels you brought or paper towels.
Spend some time with your pet acclimating it to the room before leaving.
When leaving the room without your pet:

  • We strongly urge you to place your pet in its crate. An uncrated pet can cause destruction, have an accident, escape, or injure themselves or property staff.
  • Hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.
  • Leave a radio or television on to soothe your pet and mask external noises.
  • Leave lights on at least low so room is not completely dark.
  • Leave a favorite toy for your pet.
  • Try remaining down the hall the first time you leave your pet to make sure they are not too noisy.
  • Advise the front desk of your cell phone number so they may contact you if your pet is unacceptably noisy.

Leave the housekeeper an extra tip for the extra work the pet creates.
Always keep your pet leashed when out of the room.
Never take your pet into a dining area, bar, lounge, pool area, or other areas you have been advised are off-limits.
Walk your pet far from lawns, flower beds, and other public areas.
Always clean up after your pet.
Watch for insect or rodent poisons.
Obey all rules and restrictions.
Before taking your pet in the elevator, make certain other occupants are not nervous.
Make sure your pet is polite to other animals or persons. Don't let it go up to either before asking.
If your pet should damage property, report it immediately and offer to pay any costs.


Straighten the room up, returning any moved furnishings to their original location.
Pick up any stray pet hair.


Incorrect or missing information? Please contact us and let us know.


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