August 2011 - loss

American Airlines Flight #177 Date and Time of the Incident 25 August 2011 Description of the Animal, Including Name Feline “Tabby Cat”, named Jack Narrative Description of Incident This incident occurred prior to the loading of the kennel(s) on the aircraft. The customer was traveling with 2 kennels containing 1 cat in each one. A clerk had placed one kennel on top of another on a baggage cart and the kennel on top fell and resulted in the cat escaping. The entire FIS area, where this occurred, was searched and efforts to immediately locate “Jack” were unsuccessful. Subsequent efforts to locate Jack have also been unsuccessful. Some of the extraordinary efforts taken by AA to locate Jack include: posting photos of Jack in key areas around JFK and local businesses, consulting with the Mayor’s Alliance Society to set up humane traps on the airport property, consulting with the port authority and wildlife management representatives, hiring a professional “pet tracker” and issuing a “Pet Amber Alert”. Narrative Description of Cause of the Incident The clerk responsible for transporting the kennels to the FIS area loaded one kennel on top of another, and while the kennels were stationary and waiting to be loaded on the aircraft, the kennel positioned on the top fell to the ground. The impact of the fall caused the kennel to separate and the cat escaped. Narrative Description of any Corrective Action Taken in Response to Incident This incident is still under investigation and no corrective action has been taken at this time.


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