Pet Travel Tips

Pet Travel Tips

Here you'll find all the information you need on traveling with your pet.

We cover the basics by starting you out with an introduction to pet travel. Of course, no matter where you go, you'll need to know about driving with pets. Once you arrive, you'll find everything you need to know in our guide on lodging etiquette for pets. And, while we hope that you never need it, we've included a guide on what to do if your pet gets lost.

Ready to go? Next we've got guides on getting there. First, if you're not using your own car, you'll want to read about taking your pet in a rental car or taking your pet in a rental RV. And if you're thinking about using public transportation, see our information on taking your pet on a bus and taking your pet on a train. Finally, if you're looking to travel over water, we'll tell you about taking your pet on a cruise ship.

If this isn't about a trip, but rather a move, we've got you covered. We have a guide on moving with pets.

Okay. You've arrived. Now what? We'll tell you what to do once you've arrived. Before you head out with Fido or Fluffy, check out what we've got to tell you on being outdoors with pets. If there's water on the menu, you'll want to read about boating with pets. If a night under the stars is the plan, read about camping with pets

If you're like many of our members, you might enjoy taking your pet to a dog park. If it's hot out, it might be fun to plan for taking your pet to the beach. And, if you've worked up an appetite, look into taking your pet to a restaurant. Of course, if you want to head out without your pet, you'll want to make sure your pet is in good hands by reading about selecting care for your pet. And, if you're returning from your trip and didn't get enough of your pet, you can check out what's involved in taking your pet to work

Finally, you can't go wrong with keeping your pet safe by preparing for emergencies.


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