Taking Your Pet to a Restaurant

Taking Your Pet to a Restaurant

Many restaurants (officially or unofficially) allow pets in their outdoor dining areas. Here's how to make your first venture go smoothly:

Just because a restaurant offers an outdoor seating area, pets are not automatically allowed. Many codes prohibit pets where food is served, including outdoors.
Pets are never allowed in enclosed spaces (even if only to pass through to get to outdoor spaces) Pets are more likely to be allowed where you order food and carry yourself to outdoor table then those with outdoor wait service.
Don't forget about establishments with takeout windows, delivery, or box lunch options.
Call ahead to the restaurant first.
Always ask permission before bringing your pet onto any patio, garden, or sidewalk seating area even if you have sat there with your pet in the past.
Tie your pet to the chair, not the table so your pet will not take the entire table if they move around.
If you want to offer your pet some water, ask for a paper cup or bowl and do not use your glass or bowl.
Keep your pet from begging.
Only offer your pet food at the restaurant if you are certain they are not food-aggressive.
Keep your pet seated at your table and away from other patrons.
Restrain your pet from trying to get up on the table.
Keep your pet clean and quiet.
Bring no more than two pets.


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