If Your Pet Gets Lost

If Your Pet Gets Lost

Here's everything we think you'll need to know about getting your pet back...

Millions of pets are lost every year. If you are one of the unlucky individuals whose pet is lost, it is critical that you know the important steps to take immediately on becoming aware of your pet's disappearance.

  • Begin your search immediately. Every minute lost reduces your chance of your pet being recovered.
  • Look first in the last place you saw your pet then make larger circles.
  • When possible, search on foot not on car. You will be leave a scent for your pet to pick up.
  • If loss occurred in uninhabited area, leave pieces of clothing with your scent as the pet may return.
  • Copy and put up flyers.
  • List only physical description of breed, age, sex, weight, color, and all markings but one (save for phone call to weed out scams).
  • Do not list name on flyer.
  • Place "REWARD" on top of flyer.
  • Post flyers at vets, animal hospitals, pets shops, groomers, and schools within as large a radius as possible, up to 65 miles.
  • Post flyers at busy intersections
  • Contact animal shelters and police departments and give description.
  • Visit shelters in area regularly.
  • Place ads in local newspapers and offer a small reward.
  • Day after loss, go to area at sunrise and contact those making bread, milk, and paper deliveries as they will be the first to see the pet.


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