March 2012 - death

Date of Incident: March 11, 2012 Location: Atlanta, GA Routing: Seattle, WA (SEA) – Atlanta, GA (ATL) – Nashville, TN (BNA) – Flight 2188 AWB: 006-00344665 Description of Animal: 2 year old female, Pug named “Oy” Description of Incident: Oy was accepted for transport on DL2188, the evening of March 10, 2012 at approximately 2007. All documents were reviewed and processed in accordance with Delta’s live animal procedures. As the agent performed her normal acceptance steps, she observed sounds of nasal breathing coming from the animal as the owner stroked its fur. DL2188 departed the gate at 2151, four minutes ahead of schedule. Weather reports for BWI showed the temperature to be 45ºF. Flight 2188 arrived into the gate area of ATL at 0650, with local temperatures registering 43ºF. Upon arrival of DL2188, Oy was removed from the bin by our ramp handlers, who then delivered her to an awaiting driver. Supervisors for gate A18 were notified that the animal appeared deceased. Oy was immediately taken to Briarcliff Animal Clinic for confirmation. Cause of Incident: According to the necropsy report received from Briarcliff Animal Clinic, the cause of death could not be determined; however the examining vet cited BAOS as a predisposing factor. Corrective Action Taken: None Warranted


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