March 2012 - injury #3

Date of Incident: March 17, 2012 Location: Seattle, WA Routing: Seattle, WA (SEA) – John F. Kennedy, NY (JFK); Flight – DL182 AWB: 006- 00322022 Description of Animal: 5yr old male Shepherd Spitz mix Description of Incident: This 5 year old Shepherd Spitz mix was accepted for transport on DL182 on March 17, 2012 at our cargo facility in SEA. All documents were reviewed and processed in accordance with Delta’s live animal procedures. Flight 182 had a departure time scheduled for 1335 from SEA. The temperature in SEA was 43Fº. All required labels were attached to the exterior and the door of the kennel was secured with four (4) releasable cable ties. At approximately 1245, our lead agent at SEA Cargo received a call advising the dog had escaped and was running loose on the ramp. Around 1305, with assistance from the Port of Seattle police the dog was recaptured. The dog was immediately taken to VCA Five Corners Animal Hospital for an examination. He received cuts on its paws, left leg, and face. The veterinarian released the animal back to his owners on the same day. On Sunday, March 18th, the owners returned to our cargo facility attempting to ship the animal once again. He began chewing the cable ties attached to front gate and showed signs of aggression. After observing this behavior, agents at SEA informed the owners we could not accept their animal due to its continued biting and aggression. Cause of Incident: Self inflicted wounds Corrective Action Taken: None Warranted


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