September 2011 - injury

Date: 23SEP11 Time: 1:30 p.m. Reporting Station: HNL Flight: HA25 From: PDX To: HNL Animal Information: Name: Unknown Description: Dog/Pug Incident: Agent unloaded the dog and kennel from the aft bulk. The dog escaped while waiting to be picked up. The dog ran from Gate 61 to Elliott Street fence line and back. The dog was finally cornered near the Island Air Baggage Claim and sustained injuries to his paws that will require veterinarian care. Cause: Defective Kennel. Painters tape and zip ties were used to secure the kennel. Animal pushed door open and escaped. Corrective action: HA to reimburse vet bills. Agents to be trained on how to identify defective kennels prior to acceptance.


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